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Model No:Wind Turbine ECO-10kW

Product Origin:China Shandong

Price Terms:FOB

Payment Terms:T/T

Supply Ability: 1500/Year,120/Month

Minimum Order: on demand

Delivery Lead Time:on demand

Certification(s): CE

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ECO-10KW Wind Generator Body Nose cone,blade, Hub US$22,470.00/kit
generator DC500V+ rotor
Tail Rod,Tail Vane
Tower and accessories free stand tower, 15M
off grid controler 500V 100A
off grid inverter 10KVA, DC500V


New wind alternator generator: ECO-10KW is equipped with high efficiency alternator. As the use of larger-size wires, the generator has the lower internal resistance. 

New blades: The blades are made by the precise ejection model technology, which is alary and high-efficiency. So the generator can start up with a low speed and use the wind power more efficiently. Compared with the traditional materials, this new type adopts glass fibre, which can reduce the weight and enhance resistant corrosion.

Auto-defensive function after fully charged: Once the batteries are fully charged, the generator will be in a quiet state of the adjustment. When battery's voltage is slightly lower than the voltage when fully charged, the generator will re-generate electricity.


Numbers of blade (P): 3
Materials of blade: FRP complex resin
Diameter of wind turbines (m):7.0
Start-up Wind Speed (m/s): 3
Cut-in Wind Speed (m/s): 3.0
Rated Wind Speed (m/s): 10
Rated speed (rotate/minute): 160
Max. wind speed (m/s): 50
Generator: Permanent magnetic generator
Generator rated power (W):10000
Max. output power (W):12000
Output voltage (V DC):240
Rated current (A): 35.7
Protect: Auto Furl
Altitude of tower (m): 12
Weight (kg): 540
Temperature Range: -40 to +60 Deg. C (-40 to +140 Deg. F)
Battery: 12V 200AH X40

     During the process of installing wind turbine generator, connecting electrical wiring is a very important step. If the connection is wrong or loose, afterward there will possibly have the unpredictable problem. We are providing the following electrical wiring plans for your reference, which is adequate to have a number of electrical knowledge. Meanwhile, we also hope you to notice that this map does not display controller because it has been integrated into the generator. I believe this can reduce your workload and improve system stability. Moreover, we offer two maps for the reason that MD 10KW can be both used in the off-grid environment, and used in the on-grid environment




ECO-10kw wind turbine generator
  Item name Packing size(m) (Dimension) Gross weight (kg) Packing no.
1 hub,nose cone 0.68X0.71X0.77= 0.4 m3 48
2 generator 2.06X1.14X0.72=1.7 m3 670
3 blade 3.58X0.59X0.42=0.9 m3 140
4 tail vane 2.08X1.28X0.32=0.9 m3 270
5 tail rod 0.6 m3 75 1
6  inverter 0.6 m3 210 1
7 controler 0.6 M3 260 1
8 tower 1.2 m3 1260 3
9 tower flatplate 1.3 m3 126 1
Total   8.2 cubic meter 3059 11 packages
Container load: 3 sets /20’ft,   6 sets /40 'ft, 7 sets /40'hc    


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