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For home energy

Our company’s wind generators can meet the needs of different families. Whether your home is on the beach, in plains, mountains or on the grassland, our company’s wind generators can provide your family  an endless electricity supply.Try to think,on your household or front or back of house,a beautiful wind turbine is standing. How things go ahead. You not only save energy, but also to protect and beautify the environment, and this is a very worthwhile thing . 

For your farm

    If you have a vast farm, there is a large open space, endless. In your ground there is wind powered generator,that will make your farm more beautiful. And it can also provide your farm much electricity, save your expenses, especially in the electricity supply difficulties areas, this is a good choice. We company's products special consideration in the design of the above purposes, it is very appropriate for your farm.

For grid connection

    If your area contains abundant wind resources, and they are inexhaustible, you will want to develop their good. Wind generators in our company specialized in the design of grid on power,in areas such as ,wind strength and tower of Strength specially designed. Our company's products will give you the considerable economic benefits.

    So,please choose our wind turbine.

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       500W Wind Turbine

 2000W Wind Turbine


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Energia Eòlica

L'energia eòlica és l'energia que genera el vent i que pot ser aprofitada directament o ser transformada com energia elèctrica. Es pot aplicar aquesta energia a gran escala, sent una de les més productives dintre de les renovables, o bé en petites instal·lacions. L'energia eòlica és actualment l'energia renovable amb major creixement i representa ja una gran part de la producció elèctrica.