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Why Wind Energy

At present, most of the power still rely on traditional coal and oil. However, many problems facing traditional energy sources. First, they need expensive exploration costs and increasingly depleted, resulting in traditional energy prices soaring. Second, the use of traditional energy potential harm to the environment. Third, the peak electricity caused large-scale blackouts, affecting tens of millions of consumers. Therefore, the EU Joint Research Centre pointed out that the rapid growth of renewable energy will be to supplement traditional energy shortage.


    Gradually rising energy prices and increasingly heavy pressure on the environment have brought practical needs to the development of new energy generation. Currently, in the way of the new energy generation, solar photovoltaic and wind power generation are the most two mainstream of the technologies. Compared to the high prices of raw materials of solar energy and "two outside" of the market, wind power technology is the most mature, lowest-cost way of new energy generation at present, which the market prospects is the most optimistic.


    Wind energy is clean and environmentally friendly renewable energy. At present, many of the world's countries have already matured it as a clean energy business to the commercial exploitation. Wind energy has been called "green power". To ensure long-term energy balance and maintain the sustainability of energy development, appropriately increasing the use of wind energy resources within the coverage area of the grid is very necessary. Vigorously developing wind power can further improve the energy structure. Building a certain amount of wind power can appropriatly mitigation thermal power shortage of contradictions. The construction of wind power plants can not only replace the construction of coal-fired power plant, but also greatly reduce the pollution to the surrounding environment, and play the role of using clean renewable natural resources, conserving non-renewable fossil energy, reducing pollution and protecting the ecological environment.                                                      

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Small wind energy is a inexhaustable, renewable, no-carbon energy source that can be used to generate electricity almost anywhere. Advances in wind turbine technology are enabling even limited-wind locations to take advantage of the free energy available. In some locations, simply changing the height of the turbine's tower can solve problems with limited wind velocity. In other locations, almost any reasonable tower size can capture the prevalent winds.

Wind turbines can access the winds on the earth's surface and use it to generate electricity for homes or commercial buildings. Since the source of energy is found all over the world, this technology can be utilized virtually anywhere on the planet and is a clean, renewable energy source that is not dependent on geology or solar radiation.

Current usage of wind turbines for energy in a small turbine (home, farm or small business) situation has been limited. However, the demand for more environmentally sensitive energy sources as well as the desire to locally control them is leading to increased research and improvements in small turbine wind technologies.

Small wind turbines offer a number of advantages over traditional dependence on the electrical grid or local sources of electricity such as carbon-based power generators. Some of those advantages are:
- Reliable, comparatively simple technology
- Renewable source (self-replenishing natural resource)
- Combustion-free power generation
- Zero environmental emissions
- No contribution to global warming
- Local availability (no expense in getting power to the user)

The primary drawback to local electrical generation using wind turbines is that without wind, there is no power generation. If the power generated by the wind is not required at the time, it can be stored in batteries. However, optimum efficiency in storage technologies is still being developed. In those locations where it is available, connection to the electrical grid is typically maintained as the alternative to storage solutions. When available wind is below minimums, electricity is purchased from the utility. When wind availability is beyond local needs, the excess electricity is sold back to the utility company. Essentially, the local utility "becomes" the storage technology for small wind producers.

The total market for U.S. small wind turbines for 2009 expanded by approx.15%. Almost 10,000 units were sold to generate over 20 megawatts of new electricity. The total value was estimated to be about $121 million dollars, including equipment and installation cost (and not reduced by government or utility incentives). The dealer who sells the equipment often installs it. By 2014, PMG projects the U.S. small wind turbine market to be in excess of a quarter of a billion dollars. As of 2009, the global market for small wind turbines was approximately equal to the U.S. market but with a high concentration of installations in just a few countries.

Chapter 1: Executive Summary
- Overview
- Small Wind Turbine Market Size and Growth
- Trends and Opportunities
- Market Barriers
- Summary

Chapter 2: Technology Types
- Segments of the Wind Power Market
- Small Wind Turbine Technology
- Physical Requirements
- Types of Small Wind Turbines:
-- Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine (HAWT)
-- Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT)
- The Solar Connection
- On-Grid vs Off-Grid Systems
- Benefits and Drawbacks of Small Wind Turbine Systems

Chapter 3: Market Size and Growth
- Small Wind Turbine Market Size
- U.S. Market
- Global Market
- Product Description and Costs
- Small Wind Turbine Market Forecast
- Manufacturers and Product Lines
- Factors Affecting the Small Wind Turbine Market

Chapter 4: Market Trends
- Economic Conditions and Benefits
- Comparative Costs
- Interaction with Utilities
- Government Policy and Incentives
- Environmental Issues
- Market Barriers
- Global Demand for Small Wind Turbines
- Global Market Trend Summary
- Factors in Future Growth

Chapter 5: Product and Industry Trends
- New Technologies in Small Wind Turbines
- Small Wind Turbines Patents Awarded
- Innovations in Small Wind Turbine Technology
- Small Wind Turbine Industry Activity and Trends
- Recent Developments or News